Collaborating with strategic partners to globally advance the development and delivery of our Immuno-STAT Biologics

At Cue Biopharma, we are committed to bringing selective immune modulation to patients through our novel Immuno-STAT (Selective Targeting and Alteration of T Cells) Biologics platform.

Our mission, to bring a new class of selective immune modulating therapeutics with enhanced clinical efficacy and safety to patients, inspires us to work with the best researchers, clinicians and industry leaders through strategic collaborations and partnerships.

We seek partnerships and licensing opportunities to advance our goal of positively impacting patients suffering from a broad range of cancers, autoimmune diseases and chronic infectious diseases through the development of our promising Immuno-STAT platform.

With shared vision, commitments, goals and resources, we believe highly significant advancements can be made to realize the promise of Immuno-STATs to address the specificity and diversity of the immune system to cure complex human diseases. Cue Biopharma welcomes your interest in partnering opportunities.

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Industry Collaborations


Cue Biopharma entered into a strategic research collaboration and license agreement with Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. in November 2017 that will leverage the Immuno-STAT Biologics platform to develop biologics engineered to selectively modulate disease-relevant T cell subsets for the treatment of autoimmune disease. The multi-year collaboration will encompass multiple disease targets across certain primary disease indication areas.

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Cue Biopharma entered into a strategic collaboration with LG Chem Life Sciences, the life sciences division of LG Chem Ltd. in November 2018. Under the collaboration, LGC has an exclusive right to develop and commercialize CUE-101, CUE-102 and CUE-103 for Asia, while Cue Biopharma retains the right to develop and commercialize CUE-101, CUE-102 and CUE-103 for the United States and all other countries outside of Asia. The collaboration agreement also grants a worldwide option to LGC to develop Immuno-STATs against a fourth oncology target, with Cue Biopharma retaining the right to co-develop and co-commercialize drugs from the fourth program. Cue Biopharma will engineer the selected Immuno-STATs, while LG Chem will leverage its experience in biologics manufacturing to establish a quality chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) process for development and commercialization of the selected candidates.

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Academic Collaborations


Cue Biopharma entered into a strategic research agreement with Albert Einstein College of Medicine to advance the next generation of Immuno-STAT biologics for cancer and chronic infectious diseases. Our collaboration leveraged the modularity and selectivity of the Immuno-STAT platform to expand the therapeutic reach beyond cancer and autoimmune disease to address T cell exhaustion in chronic infectious diseases.

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