About Us

Cue Biopharma Combines Innovation with High Science to Bring a New Class of Immunotherapies to People Affected by Cancer

Despite the tremendous promise of immunotherapy for cancer, only a small percentage of patients, estimated to be approximately 15 to 20%, will respond to current treatments. Our mission is to expand patient reach and enhance therapeutic benefit by delivering targeted therapies designed to be more effective and better tolerated.

We have engineered a new class of injectable biologics that selectively activate the patient’s immune system directly in the patient’s body, without the need for ex vivo manipulation.

Our biologics are designed to deliver the natural immune system signals in the context of cancers – the result is targeted therapies for tailored immune activation that engage only the relevant cancer-specific immune cells, while avoiding the indiscriminate immune activation that often leads to severe side effects.

Learn more about the Platform Technologies that enable the engineering and development of our novel therapeutics.