Autoimmune Disease

CUE-300 Framework

The CUE-300 framework has the potential to target a broad range of addressable autoimmune diseases by selectively modulating disease-associated T cells so that healthy cells are protected from immune attack, without compromising the immune system. Immuno-STATs inhibit autoimmune disease-associated T cells via two general strategies:

  • Inhibition of autoreactive T cells by selectively delivering inhibitory signals; or
  • Selective expansion of regulatory T cells (Tregs) to control aberrant activation of autoreactive T cells

Current therapies for treatment of autoimmune diseases rely on global inhibition or dampening of immune responses, which often reduce a patient’s ability to mount normal immune responses to threats such as bacteria, viruses and cancer.  CUE-300 Series Immuno-STATs have the potential to offer autoimmune patients significant therapeutic benefits without compromising their immune systems.