Translational Medicine

Translational Approach to Drug Discovery

Cue Biopharma is developing a highly efficient translational approach to drug discovery which screens drug candidates ex vivo against human blood samples to demonstrate the ability of Immuno-STAT Biologics to selectively target, bind, and modulate T cells of interest. By leveraging this approach, we expect to gain valuable mechanistic insights which will guide drug candidate selection and clinical trial design as well as biomarker identification and patient selection and stratification. We believe the ability to rapidly assay the activity of our candidates on human T cells has the potential to decrease the costs and increase the productivity of our platform.

Drug Design Frameworks

The Immuno-STAT Biologics platform has been designed to allow us to construct various biologic frameworks with the ability to rapidly target new indications by simply changing the 9-amino acid peptide responsible for defining the target T cell population. This potentially allows us to reduce the time and costs associated with discovery and optimization of clinical drug candidates. This represents a broad clinical and market opportunity to leverage the many (estimated to be more than 75) literature-validated antigens expressed by different solid tumor types to rapidly build a portfolio of therapeutics to address multiple indications.

We are currently developing two promising therapeutic frameworks which support distinct and potent mechanisms of T cell activation: our pMHC/IL-2 based CUE-100 series, exemplified by our lead program CUE-101 targeting HPV+ cancers, and our pMHC/CD80:4-1BBL based CUE-200 series.